World Give Day

As you can imagine, being the Blog Coordinator for a social venture that exists to connect different types of people from all over the world comes with the opportunity to connect with a ton of amazing people and projects. Most recently, I was given the opportunity to connect with the people that bring us World Give Day through its partnership with StartSomeGood. The result was something truly inspiring.

For a few weeks, I reached out to various entrepreneurs that successfully raised funds through StartSomeGood and asked them to respond to this statement:

Small gift, big impact: tell us about a time when you saw a small act of giving create lots of unexpected joy.

The response I received was so overwhelming. Originally, I hoped that I could get four to five entrepreneurs to respond to me so that I could fashion together a single blog post as part of our World Give Day partnership. Instead, all ten entrepreneurs I reached out to responded with unbelievable enthusiasm. Ten stories was way too much for one small post but I couldn’t have anyone’s story go untold. After collaborating with the StartSomeGood communications team, I decided to keep all the stories and split the post into two parts over two weeks. Both posts got picked up by World Give Day and were republished from StartSomeGood’s blog onto the World Give Day site:

StartSomeGood Celebrates World Give Day-Part 1

StartSomeGood Celebrates World Give Day-Part 2

The best part of this experience? Connecting with so many individuals who I admire and aspire to be like one day; getting to read their stories and be part of a movement that celebrates people like Yanti Turang, Ehon Chan, and all the other amazing people I interviewed for their generosity and goodwill.

And with that I leave you all with one simple question: How will you celebrate World Give Day this year on May 4th?