Freelance Work

Like what I have to say? I am available for any freelance writing or editing project that you may need. Take a look at some of my recent publications below, including the blog that I manage regularly. I write mostly about social entrepreneurship, but I am a very versatile writer. Just give me a topic and let me work my magic. Just no nuclear physics!

I also have a strong business background. I have an undergrad degree in Business Management and I am almost finished with my MBA degree. Therefore, I can also help with anything from writing press releases to making your website read more professionally. Applying for a job and need an editor for your résumé and cover letter? Starting a new business and need a professional website or press release? Need to revamp your business website content to attract more customers? Own a non-profit, but need to employ a more businesslike voice in your writing to attract donors and customers? I’m just the person you are looking for!

If you are interested in hiring me for a freelance project, please contact me via email and we can work out a quote. Also, I rely on referrals so please share my page with your friends if you’re a fan of my work. Thanks!

StartSomeGood Blog


Create, Rinse, Repeat

Socially Conscious Blog

Rutgers Business School

World Give Day Part 1

World Give Day Part 2


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